Review of Contemporary Philosophy

Journal Title: Review of Contemporary Philosophy (An international peer-reviewed academic journal)
ISSN: 1841-5261, e-ISSN: 2471-089X
Publisher: Auricle Global Society of Education and Research
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Frequency: once a year (August)
Acceptance Rate (2023): 17%

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Review of Contemporary Philosophy
 publishes mainly original empirical research and review articles focusing on hot emerging topics, e.g. machine intelligence algorithms, social media misinformation, problematic Internet use, big data learning analytics, smart society, social robotics, cognitive automation, bioethics, etc. This journal considers only manuscripts having a high integrative value in the current Scopus- and Web of Science-indexed literature (i.e., citing preponderantly Q1 and Q2 sources published in the past two years). For collective SLR RTs, we may provide a somewhat standard structure and a list of reliable data visualization and (reporting and methodological) quality assessment tools.



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Call for Papers


Call for Papers for the New Issue.

Last Date of Submission: July 31st, 2024

Vol. 22 (2023)

Critical University Studies and the Defense of the Public University: Neoliberalism, Knowledge Socialism and Science as a Global Public Good
Author: Michael A. Peters*

Metaverse and Digital Twin Technologies, Machine Learning and Image Processing Computational Algorithms, and Geospatial Analytics and Simulation Modeling Tools in Interactive Virtual and Extended Reality Environments
Author: Jakub Horak, Raluca-Ștefania Balica

Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based Navigation Algorithms, Spatial Data Visualization and Digital Twin Modeling tools, and Emotion Detection and Recognition Technologies in the Decentralized and Interconnected Metaverse
Author: Sofia Bratu*

Metaverse Decentralized Governance and Networked Immersive Virtual Reality Systems, Machine Learning-based Image Recognition and Predictive Modeling Tools, and Cognitive Automation and Multisensor Fusion Technologies in Digital Hyper-Realistic Worlds
Author: Diana Atkinson*

Synthetic Data and Image Processing Tools, Immersive 3D and Digital Contact Tracing Technologies, and Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Computing Algorithms in the Metaverse Interactive Environment
Author: Jiri Kucera, Alena Novak Sedlackova, Liton Chandra Voumik

Context Awareness and Deep Learning Algorithms, Immersive Visualization and Autonomous Cognitive Systems, and Natural Language Processing and Digital Twin Modeling Tools in the Blockchain-based Metaverse
Author: Michael Barker*

Holographic Telepresence and Digital Twin Simulation Technologies, 3D Virtual Space Networking and Machine Learning-based Image Recognition Tools, and Environment Mapping and Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in a Fully Connected Metaverse
Author: Rebecca Sullivan*

Virtual Navigation and Digital Twin Simulation Tools, Internet of Things-based Decision Support and Big Data Computing Systems, and Image Recognition and Geolocation Data Processing Algorithms in the Virtual Economy of the Metaverse
Author: Martin Bugaj, Pavol Durana, George Lăzăroiu

Machine Learning-based Predictive and Virtual Mapping Algorithms, Immersive Metaverse and Holographic Telepresence Technologies, and 3D Generative Modeling and Multiscale Spatial Data Processing Tools in Extended Reality Environments
Author: Susan Henley*

Immersive Metaverse and Digital Twin Technologies, Deep Learning-based Image Processing and Motion Planning Algorithms, and 3D Virtual Space Networking and Data Visualization Tools in Interactive Digital Worlds
Author: Aurel Pera, Mamunur Rashid

Neural Network-based Recognition and Virtual Simulation Algorithms, Interactive 3D Geo-Visualization and Neuromorphic Computing Systems, and Tactile Sensing and Cognitive Modeling Technologies in Web3-powered Metaverse Worlds
Author: Katarina Zvarikova, Andrej Novak, Gheorghe H. Popescu

Remote Sensing and Edge Artificial Intelligence Computing Systems, Environment Perception and Geospatial Mapping Technologies, and Simulation Modeling and Machine Learning-based Image Recognition Tools in the 3D Cognitive Digital Twin Metaverse
Author: Claudia-Irina Aldea*

Immersive Extended Reality and Sensor-based Object Recognition Technologies, Socially-oriented Location Tracking and Simulation Modeling Tools, and Artificial Vision and Haptic Augmented Reality Systems in the Metaverse Interactive Environment
Author: Marian Grupac, Andreea-Elena Negoianu

Visual Perceptive and Blockchain-based Decentralized Metaverse Systems, Machine Vision and Geolocation Data Processing Algorithms, and Virtual Twin and Deep Learning-based Sensing Technologies in 3D Immersive Environments
Author: Ann Stevens*

Context Modeling and Ambient Scene Detection Tools, Machine Learning-based Object Recognition and Distributed Sensing Technologies, and Immersive Visualization and Haptic Augmented Reality Systems in the Decentralized Metaverse
Author: Milos Poliak, Adela Poliakova, Elvira Nica

Bio-inspired Computational Intelligence and Deep Learning Algorithms, 3D Modeling and Cognitive Neuro-Engineering Technologies, and Immersive Visualization and Internet of Things-based Decision Support Systems in the Virtual Environment of the Metaverse
Author: Ray Hayward*

Published: 2024-04-01

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